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Earth-Conscious Composting

Hands in the Soil

Black and Green, a black-owned business, strives to educate, inspire, and support a sustainable and healthy life for all inhabitants of the planet.


Organic Compost
What we do

Owned by Connie Walker, Black and Green is a black-owned business that offers Bokashi grain and related products and services. Black and Green services those who care about the source of food and where their waste ends up.

Domestic Waste Bin
Bokashi Technology

Black and Green utilizes Bokashi technology to harness the regenerative nature of the planet to transform food waste back into soil for you to grow healthier food!

Farmers Warehouse

You can find us at three local farmers markets in Erie, PA. We are located at Frontier Park on Saturdays, Perry Square on Sundays, and Little Italy on Mondays.

Why should you compost?​

"Food is the largest single source of waste in the U.S. More food ends up in landfills than plastic or paper."

"According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 20 percent of what goes into municipal landfills is food. Food waste tipped the scale of 35 million tons in 2012, the most recent year for which estimates are available."

"Forty to 50 percent of food waste comes from consumers, and 50 to 60 percent from businesses," says the EPA's Ashley Zanolli.

Read more about the importance of composting in the article, To End Food Waste, Change Needs to Begin at Home.

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