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About Us

Black and Green is an Earth-conscious, black-owned business located within the city of Erie. We utilize Bokashi technology to harness the regenerative nature of the planet to transform food waste back into soil for you to grow healthier food while helping safeguard the environment. We offer Bokashi grain and related services. We provide service to those who care about the source of the food in which they eat and where their waste ends up. Our goal is to see a composting bin under every sink.

About the Owner

Connie Walker
"I am Black. I am Green."

Connie Walker, a former classroom teacher, mental health counselor, and practicing massage therapist, dedicates herself to educating others on the importance of composting and other environmentally-friendly practices. She focuses on assisting consumers with composting, but she also supports the natural and organic practices of bees by growing food, flowers, and utilizing vermicomposting in addition to Bokashi composting.

Connie has many interests and hobbies which include beekeeping and gardening. Connie enjoys supporting others in their endeavors to become more sustainable in their actions towards a zero-waste lifestyle. 

"Several years ago, I came across an article. It said most food ends up in landfills. I was stunned. Food... Landfill...? Unlike many other environmental problems, this one could be easily changed. I set out to change my habits in regard to waste and the planet. This led me on a journey that has become the business called Black and Green.

"I am fascinated by natural processes. Yes, this includes decomposition: the way the Earth handles its waste by returning it to itself in the form of a useable product by breaking it down and transforming it into something else that benefits the environment." 

- Connie Walker

Learn more about what Black and Green has to offer below.
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