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Compost Pickup Service


Bokashi is used to quickly compost food scraps at home with no order. Originating in Korea, Bokashi uses beneficial microorganisms and fungi to ferment food scraps in an environment free of oxygen (anaerobic). Bokashi uses inoculated grains to initiate the fermentation process. 


Home Composting with Bokashi

Bokashi grains are inoculated with naturally occurring beneficial microbes and fungi. The microbes and fungi work together to break down the food waste efficiently.


Bokashi composting can be easily integrated into your life. In the words of one of Connie Walker's students, "It's really not that hard. You have to throw it somewhere. You either put it into the garbage or you pit it into the Bokashi Bin."

It is easy to integrate Bokashi into your life.

  • You put food (all fruit and vegetable scraps, citrus, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, bread, plastic free tea bags, and other food waste) into the bin. Do not include large bones, liquids, or moldy food.

    1. Cut food into one inch or smaller pieces.

    2. Make alternating layers of food scraps and bokashi grains. Remember you are just inoculating, so 1-2 tablespoons is generally enough.

    3. Press down on the layers so to expel any air that may have trapped in the layers.

    4. Cover the top layer with newspaper, plastic, or cloth and close the airtight lid. 

    • Things to remember: 

      • Try to minimize air exposure. It is advisable to open the lid only once per day. You can achieve this by keeping a container handy to fill throughout the day and transfer to the Bokashi bucket once per day.​


Click on the links below to access the Microgreen Kit growing directions or to read more about the Bokashi Practice Kit.

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