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Black and Green offers several different Bokashi products and services. The Bokashi technology offered by Black and Green allows consumers to conduct Earth-conscious composting that will not only help keep them healthy, but the natural environment around them healthy as well. To aid in bettering the health of the environment, Black and Green also uses reduced, reused, recycled and rethought packaging on all products.

Our Products

Practice Kits

Bokashi kits are a mini version of a Bokashi system. It is designed to slowly get you started using bokashi. Because there is a learning curve, it's recommended to start slow. This way, you can get to discover and troubleshoot a small amount instead of starting with the typical 5 gallon system. You add a day or two of food waste, watch and discover for two weeks and have a usable product faster. 

Included in the kit:

  1. a composting vessel. This is a repurposed food grade plastic container.

  2. Appropriate amount of grains in a handmade paper package.

  3. Absorbent materials designed to absorb excess liquid.

For directions to the Bokashi Practice Kit, click here.

Bokashi Buckets

If you are ready to get started with a full system, you can purchase the bucket. This is a repurposed bucket, modified to create the system.

Bokashi Grains

If you are ready to get started with a full system, you can purchase the grains in bags!

Read more about our Bokashi Products here.
Black and Green also offers consultation and disposal services. During a telephone consultation, customers can send a photo of their situation and Black and Green will support them in the process. During in-person consultations, customers receive support in setting up a system of their own. We will even dispose of your containers! If you would like to try Bokashi, but are not interested in growing soil, you can return the filled container to us and we will dispose of it for you. Contact us today to learn more.
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